Why Use a Licensed Technician

  • It’s the law in Maryland that most plumbing and repair must be performed by Maryland State Licensed Technicians.
  • To become a licensed Journeyman Technician in MD, 4+ years of classroom study and on-the-job apprenticeship training is required, and an extremely comprehensive examination must be passed.
  • Plumbing systems that are not properly installed can cause health problems. For example systems installed with bad or improper traps and vents can allow sewer gases to enter your home. Systems without proper safeguards can allow for cross-contamination of your family’s drinking water by waste water, ground water. These contaminants can result in serious health problems and even death.
  • Poorly installed systems can break or fail causing water damage, clogged pipes, and other inconveniences.
  • It is possible that an insurance claim for damages may be denied if resulting from plumbing work that was not performed in accordance to local codes by a licensed technician.
  • Licensed technicians know the laws and regulations to create and install safe systems in your home, and are bonded and insured to protect you, the customer.
  • Even if you choose not to use Catons Plumbing & Drain Service, use a licensed technician for your family’s health and the protection of your home.