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Home Improvement Plumbing

While remodeling a kitchen or bathroom is a fairly common home improvement project, it can be very expensive and time consuming without proper planning. To keep costs in line with your budget, it is important to address and avoid two plumbing issues prior to the start of the remodel.


1. Pick a sink before cabinets are installed

When installers do not have sink dimensions before the cabinets are constructed, it can be very difficult for our plumbers to connect the sink with the wall piping. Following current trends, homeowners often select deeper sink wells increasing the distance between the wall piping and sink line. The difference in distance can make the hook up impossible and often requires cuts to the cabinet or wall. If there's no room to cut the wall, all cabinets have to be completely ripped out costing more time and money. 

To avoid this pitfall, talk to the person installing your cabinets. Review the dimensions and determine whether it is going to work with the existing plumbing. 


2. Put new flooring underneath the dishwasher and cabinets

In an effort to save money, homeowners put flooring around the base of the dishwasher and cabinets but not directly underneath. This makes it nearly impossible to install a new dishwasher because it traps the old one in place. When this occurs, everything has to be completely pulled back out and refitted again. 

To stave off this costly mistake, you have two options: install flooring under the dishwasher from the start or remove the floor directly in front of it and put it back once the installation is complete. We recommend the first option because it makes the dishwasher more accessible for service. 

In general, remodeling a new kitchen or bathroom can be a rewarding project for the value of your home. By simply planning in advance, you can avoid these two common plumbing errors saving you time and money during the process.