Sewer Backups 

Sewer backups typically occur after heavy rainfall when large amounts of storm water overwhelm a sewer, stop the flow and cause a backup. A sewer backup can expose your home or business to contaminated water, which can come through your toilets, drains and showers. We suggest regular maintenance to prevent potential costly sewer backups in your home or business. Catons Plumbing & Drain Service can inspect your Baltimore sewer system, perform yearly cleanings and install backflow prevention devices when necessary.

Water Service Replacement

Water service replacement is needed to tackle cracked or corroded supply pipes. Ignoring pipe issues can quickly lead to increased water bills and property damage. Water line maintenance usually falls on the home or business owner and we are here to help. If you suspect there is an issue with you water line, Catons Plumbing & Drain Service can perform an inspection of your water lines and provide the necessary repairs or replacement.

Well Replacement

Well pump failure tends to occur at the most inconvenient times and Catons Plumbing & Drain service is available to help 24/7. We can also inspect your well system to make sure it is functioning properly to avoid future problems. If you have a well and are experiencing low water pressure, discolored water or air spitting out of your faucets you may be in need of well pump replacement.

Septic & Rain Leaders Replacement

Septic and rain leaders, also known as downspouts, are vital to maintain the exterior of your home and property. Leaders don’t last forever and will most likely need to be replaced at some point and it is important to keep up with septic system maintenance to avoid water damage. If you are in need of septic or leader replacement in Baltimore or the surrounding area, Catons Plumbing & Drain Service is always available to help.

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