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One of the homeowner’s biggest nightmares is a flooded basement.  Most homes in this area are equipped with a sump pump, the primary function of which is to assist in removing water and preventing flooding.

Common Sump Pump Problems

Sump pumps vary in size, capacity and quality.  Some of the problems associated with sumps result from:

  • Plugged screen: Sump pumps have a small screen or opening through which the water flows. If this screen is clogged or blocked, the water won’t flow through properly and your basement may flood.
  • Overwhelmed pump:  If the pump is not designed to remove the volume of water your home is encountering, it will fail.  Check it regularly, and have a professional evaluate the actual need in your home.
  • Switching problem: There are a number of causes for switching problems. The sump pump’s switch or float may be lodged against the side of the pit. Or the pump may have moved, leaving the switch useless. Manually inspect your pump switch, making sure it’s connected and free of obstruction or debris.  If in doubt, call a professional to diagnose the problem.
  • Frozen sump pump drainage pipe: In some climates, the pipe exiting the home may be subject to freezing. This may call for a re-routing of the water as it is pumped out.
  • Tripped electrical circuit breaker: Any time multiple appliances are connected on one circuit, you run the risk of tripping the electrical circuit breaker. It is best to dedicate one breaker to the sump pump and make sure it is connected by a GFI (ground fault interrupter).

As with any plumbing system in your home; if in doubt, call a professional. It can save you lots of headaches, and often some big money.

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