possible that you rely on a well system to move water from underground into your home. While wells and well pumps are generally reliable, they, like any other system can experience problems over time. A well system failure can drastically impact the quality of your life.  However, while it may seem overwhelming or confusing when you experience a well system problem, Catons has the expertise to handle your problem from well pump repair to well system replacement.  Just call us to handle it all for you.

A typical well in Baltimore and the surrounding areas consist of a submersible pump that serves a pressure tank that in turn forwards water to your home.

Common Well Problems

Pump Problems


  • Low water pressure
  • No water pressure
  • Intermittent pressure changes

  • Motor fatigue or failure
  • Faulty relay switch
  • Pressure control problems
  • Pressure gauge accuracy

Tank Problems


  • Poor water pressure
  • Pump continuously turning on
    and off (“short cycling”)

  • Loss of tank integrity (leak)
  • Loss of air charge
  • Air tank bladder problems.
  • Pressure gauge failure.

In addition to these specific problems, remember that a well system also uses many types of lines, pipes, valves, etc. that are common to any plumbing system.  Some problems that occur to these materials when used on well systems are:

  • Corrosion of lines – especially galvanized lines which will rust and restrict flow or leak.
  • Leaks in pipes of any kind.
  • Valve failures and leaks.
  • Freezing of water lines.

Any of the problems above can occur over time or as a result of a variety of influences.  Again, just call Catons and have an expert out the same day.

One additional tip:

If you experience poor water pressure or no water pressure after an electrical power loss, lightning strike, or storm:  Check first for a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. A lightning strike can also damage electrical wiring supplying a submersible pump, or it may damage the pump itself. And less common, a total power failure can sometimes expose a latent problem in the system such as a failing pressure tank bladder or well foot valve.  In any case, if in doubt, call Catons and have an expert check out your system.

Low Water Pressure

Can I increase the water pressure in my bathroom faucet?

First, check the emergency shutoff under your sink to make sure it’s fully open. If rubber washers or seals have begun to deteriorate, you’ll also lose water pressure, so check those. Calcium and lime buildup will also cause low water pressure.

Standing Water in Yard

The key is to know when the standing water in your yard is a drainage issue or a problem with your water or well service.  New standing water where none has pooled before or if the water appears to be running continuously, like a fountain, it is time to have a professional investigate to determine the status of your water service.  Sudden dramatic increases in your water bill based on usage may also indicate an issue with your water service.

Pressure Reducing Valve Issue

A Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) is used in homes and business’s to regulate the municipal water supply pressure.   High water pressure can lead to excessive leaking at valves and faucets and may cause tanks such as hot water heaters and storage tanks to rupture.  For this reason it is very important the PRV is properly set and in good working order.

Main Water Supply Shutoff

Should I close and open the main water supply shutoff valve periodically?

Yes. You want to make sure they’re not stuck in the open position just when you have a water emergency! Do the same periodic check for the shutoff valves on your sinks, tubs, and toilets, too.

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