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If there’s a plumbing problem in your home, we’ll fix it. There’s a long list of things that can go wrong in any home such as leaky toilets, hot water heaters that don’t work, clogged pipes, septic problems and low water pressure. Our technical expertise and over 60 years of providing service in the Baltimore area has prepared us to meet all your needs.

High Water Bill?

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Do you have a plumbing emergency?

There’s nothing worse than coming home to find a water leak- or worse, flood! And there is never a good time for a clogged sink or toilet. Plumbing emergencies happen just as often on nights and weekends, so we’re available 24/7 for your plumbing emergency. Call Catons and we’ll get an expert plumber out as soon as possible, often within the hour. We’re here to help around the clock.

Catons Baltimore plumbing service can fix your leaky faucet, clogged drain, or other plumbing issues. How Can Catons Help You Today?


Some types of plastic piping (often called Poly-Blue) can cause ongoing maintenance problems and actually lower the value of your home at resale. In these cases, repiping is often the best option. We’re able to handle whole-house plumbing repipe and have become experts at doing these projects with as little disturbance to the home as possible.

Water Heaters

We install both gas and electric water heaters from as small as a 2-gallon single source to the largest 75-gallon gas power vent.

Home Inspection Program

Catons offers a home inspection program. A plumber will inspect your plumbing systems and fixtures. We will evaluate the condition of your system looking for existing or potential problems.

During this process we will check your sump pump, ejection pumps, and water heater. We will check all exposed water and waste pipes and hose bibs.

We will check all faucets and toilets. We will inspect all waste and water lines under sinks. We will inspect and tag your cut-off valves (including gas valves) and show you where they are located in case of an emergency.

You will also become a priority service customer. This means that when we are heavily booked, you will be given preferential scheduling over new customers. Call us today to schedule your inspection.

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