New Drain Installation

When it comes to installing a new drain, there are several factors to consider. Properly installed drains are vital when it comes to protecting your home from damage.

The main thing to consider is drain location and accessibility. When installing new drains in older homes, plumbers need to be able to work with pre-existing structures. With this said, flexibility is now limited which affects the type of drain and the placement of it.

Depending on the location of the newly installed is the question of if a pump is necessary as well. Drains installed below the level of the main sewer or septic line requires a pump to bring waste up to grade.

Exterior drainage also plays an important role in drain installation as well. You must keep in mind the proximity of drains to structures and pavement previously installed. This affects the difficulty of new drain installations and future accessibility for repairs.

Interior drainage is also necessary in many homes to help prevent basement flooding or other leaks and plumbing problems. It is important to keep in mind that installing interior drains may potentially require the demolition and replacement of concrete slabs.

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