How to Fix Slow Toilet Flushes and Drains

How to Fix Slow Toilet Flushes and Drains

Don’t let plumbing problems spoil your Super Bowl party next month! Although you might think that a toilet or drain can withstand many different materials, they are actually incredibly sensitive. In fact, flushing or draining the wrong materials can create big problems for you and the environment. Check out our list of best practices when it comes to toilets and drains:

To Flush or Not to Flush

Simply speaking, the general rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t flush anything but waste and toilet paper. Flushing any other materials can lead to annoying backups and even cracks and leaks.

  • Wipes - If you have a little one in the house, you may be using plenty of wipes regularly. Although the packaging may say that they're "flushable," they aren't. The material doesn't break down completely and can get caught on pipes, causing blockages.

  • Feminine Hygiene Products ­- These products can expand in your plumbing, making it virtually impossible for them to pass through the pipe lines and sewers. Be sure to add a garbage can to your bathroom for ladies to dispose of these products, and even consider putting a sign up if you're having people over.

  • Antibiotics and other medicines - When released into the sewer systems, certain pills can eliminate helpful bacteria in the water - the same water that animals drink. Don't risk it - toss the medicine in the garbage or participate in a community drug-take-back day.

If your toilet continually runs or has a slow flush after you’ve cleared a backup, it could mean you have a leak that could be wasting a considerable amount of water. Call Catons and we’ll have someone out to inspect in no time.

Annoying Slow Drains

Generally speaking, do not allow any organic or non-organic material down your sink drains. To avoid annoying clogs and slow drains you might consider using a mesh sink strainer over your drain to catch hair, food, chemicals or any other materials that should be kept out of drains. Try these simple DIY steps for clearing a blocked drain. Some drain clogs can only be cleared by a professional. If you’re still experiencing issues, call Catons or schedule online to have your drains and toilets inspected and cleared before the big game!

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