You Might Be a Plumber, If?

You Might Be a Plumber, If?

What makes a true plumber? The average self-repair homeowner may believe that all it takes is duct tape, a wrench and some super glue. Got a leaky faucet? Sounds like it’s time to apply that duct tape. Got a clogged toilet? Sounds like a good time to use that wrench. Got a broken pipe? You can never use too much super glue. While all of us would love to instantly transform into a well-trained plumber when urgent plumbing problems come our way, most of us do not have the privilege of such talent. So what separates a true plumber from the rest of us?

Standards for a True Plumber

  • You were named after Sir John Harington, the man credited for inventing the flushable toilet and hence the American nickname – the john;
  • You are a bit of an insomniac and ready for any plumbing problem 24/7;
  • Only you would know that Ozzy Osborne worked as a plumber at the age of fifteen;
  • You keep a  plunger under your bed and an auger on your person at all times;
  • You wear only uniform pants and shirts;
  • You helped recover a portion of a water plumbing system from the Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt during an archeological dig;
  • Your call in life is to maintain and protect the plumbing world as we know it, for the good of humanity;
  • And, your dream is to one day work for a state-famous plumbing company.

While Catons would love and appreciate the standards above, in all honesty, every plumber must be well trained, polite, accountable, experienced, professional, timely and passionate about what they do. These are the standards we value and require in each of the plumbers we hire at Catons Plumbing & Drain Service. Think you have what it takes to be a true plumber? Call Catons and discover the opportunities we have to offer.

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