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Customers often ask us why their waters bills are so high. Sometimes it was a sudden, unexpected increase, while other times it was a slow and painstaking rise over the course of an entire year or more. Fortunately, water bills rise for a reason – all you have to do is find it.

Utility bill

Evaluate your situation against these potential reasons:


New Meter (More Accurate Tracking)

Did you recently receive or install a new water meter? If so, that could be the reason behind your rising water bills. If the old water meter was inaccurately tracking your water usage to your advantage and the new one isn’t, there could be a huge difference in measurement. That difference in measurement could be enough to significantly increase your water bill on short notice.


Faulty Meter (Inaccurate Tracking)

Not all meters are accurate. If your meter is old or otherwise flawed, it could be susceptible to inaccurate tracking. Depending on the extent of the problem, your water bill could increase significantly over time or at a moment’s notice. If you suspect a faulty meter, contact your utility company immediately. They often issue refunds in such cases.


Increasing Water Rates

Sometimes your rising water bill is due to nothing more than increased water rates. These are often controlled by large utility corporations, so there’s not much you can do about it except try and conserve water usage in your household. To determine if this is the cause of your unexpectedly high bill, do some online research in your area. These types of cost hikes are usually publicized by local media.


Increased Water Usage

In many cases, rising water bills are completely natural. People don’t always realize if and when they are using more water, or how much more water. When did you first notice the increase in your water bill? What is the billing cycle? It’s important to know when exactly the meter says your household started using more water, so that you can narrow down the potential causes.

Once you determine the when, you can start determining the what. Did you purchase any new appliances or plumbing-related accessories (like a new faucet or toilet)? Did you use your hose more often or for anything irregular? Did you have anyone over for an extended stay? Start asking yourself questions like these to narrow down why more water might have been used during that timeframe.


Potential Water Leak(s)

This is perhaps the worst potential cause of a high water bill. Leaks can be terrible things. Sometimes they are hard to find or hard to stop… or both. If you suspect a leak, it’s usually a good idea to consult your local plumber to help with diagnosis. Why? Because a plumber can figure it out faster and with more accuracy, and he can give you a quote onsite to help you figure out what it’ll take to fix it.

If you are determined to diagnose the problem yourself, there are a few things you can check. The biggest culprits are usually running toilets or dripping faucets. Occasionally the leak might involve an appliance like a dishwasher or washing machine. If you suspect any of these sources, observe them in action. If you can’t find a leak but think that it is the most likely cause of your higher water bill, call a plumber. Sometimes a utility company will send a refund for the leak if you explain the situation and have signed verification from a licensed plumber to support your case.

We hope that you were able to discover the cause of your rising water bill after reading this. Once you’ve found the cause, you can start figuring out what steps you should take to resolve the issue. We encourage you to consider your water conservation options, as they not only help conserve the environment, but help reduce your water bill as well. There are many water-saving devices and appliances on the market today, so keep them in mind for future purchases.