I worked with 2 other plumbers that tried to solve our hot water issue in our home. The plumber came out and quickly identified the problem and the solution. If you are looking for knowledgeable professionals, I highly recommend.
- Tom, G.
Our plumber, was very professional and assured us that he could fix our plumbing problem. However, he was very friendly and courteous and just made things better. He is special and I thank him and the company for the rapid response to our plumbing problems.
- Gerald, G.
Went as well as a plumbing problem can go.
- Alvin, F.
Catons Plumbing quickly helped me with my clogged drain. Thanks!
- Andrew, F.
All in all it was smooth and professionally done. They were there precisely when they said they would be and was in and out very quick.
- Brent, U.
Came home from work one night and went to take a shower to find out my sewer was backing up. I found Catons from google and figured I would give them a call. Even with it being 10 pm, they had a plumber named Jordan at my house in no time. He was very nice and professinal and gave me a fair price before even starting the job.
- Bryant, N.
Best Plumbing Service Possible!
- Andy, R.
Called for a hot water heater that was malfunctioning at 8:30 AM. They were here by 11, tested the unit, found a defective heating element and recommended merely doing a tuneup by replacing the two elements and the thermostats at less than half the price of a new unit. No pressure to buy a new unit or bs about replacing the old one.
- Edward, W.
Got it solved easily and quickly.
- Bailey, T.
Dimitry G. came to my house twice to fix plumbing issues under my sink plus various other stuff. He was always on time, explained everything to me . He gave me a piece of mind that he knew what he was doing. I will be using him every time I need something done. Great work thank you.
- Carol, M.
Fast, friendly and professional. We will definitely be calling again!
- Chris, D.
Everything was fine. They did a good job. They are very prompt and reliable. The workers were excellent.
- Anna, S.
Excellent jobs always there to help come right away as we call very good services.
- Uzma, Z.
Excellent timely service, courteous staff, fair prices. They are a true asset to the folks at Catons
- Brian, E.
Great - good job as always
- Bill, B.
Great ! Service person was very helpful.
- Matthew, P.
Exactly as it should have, I had already ascertained which drain was clogged and had shoveled off and located the vent pipe in my front lawn
- Royal, R.
Caton's quickly helped me with my clogged drain. Thanks!
- Toby, P.
Excellent work and was very punctual. I would definitely recommend.
- Barb, B.
Catons was the only plumbing company in the area that was able to serve the emegency plumbing needs. The tech was polite and able to diagnose the problem right away and within hours the problem was fixed.
- Hana, C.
Upon investigation, the company identified the cause of leak. It was coming from the neighbor's water tank. They informed the owner, who later took care of his problem. It was a relief to discover the cause of the leak that had caused us so much distress.
- Arnold, P.
Great Service!
- Andy, R.
It was as good of an experience as I could have hoped for. Brian #936 was informative and helpful.
- Nate, F.
I've always been very satisfied with their work.
- Gizelle, B.
Henry #50 arrived quicker than expected - less than 30 minutes after I called for help - and it was Sunday morning! He was so polite and took care not to dirty anything - even work booties to protect my floors. Although my kitchen sink was really backed up - he had to snake it twice - he was completely finished in under 30 minutes! Plus he was so respectful - he cleaned up the sink and floor before he left. Henry, you are terrific. I hope I never have another backed up kitchen sink but if I do, Henry, you're the one I want to come and fix it. Thank you again.
- Ryan, W.
Most companies give lip service to taking care of customers.
- Shelia, P.
All work completed quickly and neatly. No mess left for me to clean up. Repaired expensive part. Good experience.
- Robert, N.
Plumber did a thorough inspection and found source of leak. Did great job fixing everything. Very courteous and professional.
- Gary, B.
I had a small leak from an old valve so I called Catons and not even two hours later the technician Nick was at our door. Nick replaced the valve very quickly and also answered all of our questions. I don't feel like he tried to sell us anything we didn't need and overall very happy with the service!
- Nathan, E.
20 minutes in and out, no mess, all professional.
- Debra, C.
I had an emergency on a Saturday, called and almost immediately they saved the day.
- Tomas, T.
I wanted to let you know that I had emergency service on a Sunday and Igwe Blount was my repairman. He was courteous and got the job done, although it was a complicated mess because the sewer had backed up. I wanted you to know that he was a professional and explained everything to me during the entire process. thanks
- Jackie, C.
Very well, cheerful helpful and punctual
- Lauren, S.
Fast, efficient, and polite.
- Jere, M.
Pat was attentive and helpful in every way. He came within 30 minutes of the promised time and went right to work. He quickly determined the problem and went out of his way to make sure it was resolved. The estimate was reasonable for the work done and the experience was pleasant enough. I would recommend this company
- Alan, F.
I love getting a quick Appointment. The man was professional and quick.
- Jake, K.
Ok. Showed up on time, got the job one.
- Will, T.
The service man was really nice and did a great job!
- Robert, M.
It was great. They were very good. The price was good and the quality is good.
- Rita, M.
Prompt, courteous and professional service even on a public holiday. Our hot water heater went down on New Year's day. It was such a relief to be back up and running by the end of the day. We would certainly use this company in the future and are happy to refer them to friends and family.
- Luara, G.
Andy was wonderful! He got our sewer line cleaned out and our drains and toilets are working again. We are so happy with the service he provided!
- Michael, O.
Prompt, courteous and professional service even on a public holiday. Our hot water heater went down on New Year's day. It was such a relief to be back up and running by the end of the day. We would certainly use this company in the future and are happy to refer them to friends and family.
- Jay, F.
The plumber was honest. Friendly and very knowledgeable.
- Joh, C.
Most companies give lip service to taking care of customers.
- Susan, A.
Great job
- Karen, H.
Technician was prompt, courteous, and did the job the first time. Very happy. Will use again.
- Bob, B.
Excellent. Very professional and nice.
- Curtis, R.
The job was done professionally. He came, looked at the job, brought in all necessary supplies, including a drop cloth to protect the kitchen floor and cleaned up when he was finished.
- Chelsea, C.
Help with my rotting main line.
- Chris, D.
Greg was great! He did an amazing job! Very professional. Our kitchen was a little more of a challenge to do but, he did a wonderful job.
- Jo, P.
We've always had good service with them. Overall, I'd say great. I've used them off and on for 30 years.
- Christopher, P.
Excellent job, clean and professional.
- Thomas, C.
Should be listed as one of the most well-run companies. Great sense of camaraderie observed at all levels in all departments.
- Ida, B.
The company was so quickly responding to my emergency call. Within 40 minutes there was a technician at my door. He was thoroughly professional and very helpful.
- Chris, P.
These guys are excellent with fast courteous service on Christmas Eve!
- Richard, D.
The company was extremely responsive and the professional sent out was courteous and competent. Adam located the problem quickly and was able to remove the items causing the problem. We are grateful for their quick response!
- Susan, H.
They are great, on time, the last time they came a lot earlier than I thought they would be there. They are very efficient, clean up good, good company.
- Frank, A.
They arrived very quickly and cleared the plugged line. Everything seems to be working fine now.
- Natasha, M.
The service man was prompt, pleasant, and did the work well.
- Peter, C.
They're very reliable. They come when they say they're going to come, it's just they're very expensive. Their work is good. It took about in hour to an hour and a half. They clean up.
- James, C.
Travis 4509 did a great job of figuring out where our clog was and fixing it very fast. He was very informative throughout the whole process and gave great advise. Very nice and professional would highly recommend!
- Toby, P.
Brian arrived at my house within the time window that was provided to me. He explained the options and quoted a price to address the problem. He completed the work in a timely manner and was helpful in suggesting ways to prevent clogging problems in the future. The price was what was quoted. I would not hesitate to call them if I have a another problem.
- James, W.
Wonderful job, nice people.
- David, P.
The tech was very professional also cleaned up after himself
- Doug, G.
He solved a big problem for us and did so pleasantly and professionally. I'd use them again in a heartbeat. Had to go out to 70 feet
- Jay, S.
Woke up Sunday morning to go to the bathroom and found my home flooded with water from a broken pipe under my sink. I was freaking out, called Catons they had a tech out in about 20 mins,give or take a couple mins. He found it was the pipe my husband had worked on the day before, he was able to make a quick and neat repair. The plumber also found the the toilet was running when he was working on the water pipes. He explained how by replacing a minor part I would save money on my water bill. These guys are awesome they do great work and give you options. They will even fix what your husband messes up. Catons you have another loyal customer!!!!
- Van, H.
The gentleman, Joe, was very professional and pointed out some issues that I will need to fix later. He was very kindly.
- Fran, L.
Tech did a great job and explained how to help prevent clogs in the future.
- Erin, M.
Wow. I was absolutely blown away by how quick they came over & Dimitry quickly solved the problem with my leaking bathtub. I recommend this company 100%. Thank you very much.
- Carrie, S.
Gray was prompt and quick. He had to go to a specific plumbing supply place to get the replacement parts. Having that knowledge saved tons of time.
- Ivan, T.
We had a septic tank backup and guests in the house. The response was very quick and professional. John 93 came and told us what it probably was, and he was correct. A survey of other contributing problems lead to fixing a leaky toilet tank. All in all, great service and it looks like problem solved, on a Saturday no less.
- Kenneth, F.
We were very pleased with the response time from Catons. We made a call at 9:15 am and the service man was here by 10 am!! He was quick, efficient, and friendly. I would definitely recommend this company to other home owners.
- Joseph, M.
It went very well. They were very responsive and they solved the problem.
- Vesuvius, L.
Considering it was Saturday, a service person was able to come out in a couple of hours. He properly cleared the clog and made sure that the water drained well before he left.
- Brian, R.
Did a lot of work. Replaced valves, reset toilet, changed insides in the tank, the wax ring.
- E, W.
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